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Blessplus Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1995 where the company started as a property investment and construction company.
Despite so, the first factory designed and built by the team could be dated back to as early as 1989. Back then, the founder of Blessplus, Mr. Sim Hsio Chor, was looking to upgrade his faucet manufacturing facility which induced him to take on the project into his own hands. The construction plans of the very first factory were orchestrated with such great success that the company started taking on external projects and rest, we could said, is history.
Over the years, the company has grown immensely professionally and become well received in the region. It has undertaken and completed a number of major industrial factory constructions in Mukim Bandar Johor Bahru, Mukim Tebrau and Mukim Senai, with projects still in progress. Factories with built-up area of 7 million feet2, on 245 acres land area, have been constructed between 1989 and 2019.  

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Director Profile  

Director Profile - Blessplus's Present & Future

The company is under the leadership of its Managing Director, Mr. Sim Hsio Chor, who started his career more than 40 years ago in hardware trade. In 1982, he started his own factory manufacturing brass tapware and about two decades ago he took interest in property investment and construction. Thus, the birth of Blessplus.
Mr. Sim is an experienced businessman with vision and passion for excellence. To date, he has been directly and actively involved in the business operations, steering his team towards realization of goals.
Leveraging his background in manufacturing and good rapport with local and overseas clientele and business associates, Mr. Sim has competitively positioned Blessplus for continual expansion and growth. 
In the next 2 years, from 2019 to 2021, Blessplus intends to complete 230 residential units and 30 industrial units.
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Our Team

Our Team

A building is not finished until someone is using it. Truly, a building is nothing but an empty shell if it is not agreeable to its occupants. Hence, Blessplus values partnership with its customers greatly, and identifying the needs of each customer is what we strive to achieve every time. Bound by practicality, we pledge ourselves to offer flexibility, convenience and fulfill special requirements

Commitment to Quality

Having established ourselves as a quality project management and construction company, clients can be assured of the highest standards of quality in project management, construction and supplying of building materials. Typically, our standard procedure include: 
Deployment of a highly experienced hands-on management team; headed by our Managing Director as project manager and key contact. Each project is fully responsible by its project co-ordinator to execute of the project concerned. To ensure quality throughout the project, the company partners itself with independent parties who will act as sourcing boards and provide a second layer of sourcing board.  This will form the necessary checkpoints to ensure quality in all aspects of our projects.
Our team is proud of its commitment to quality, where quality is infiltrated into every process and procedure of the project. Blessplus takes each opportunity seriously and we are always honoured to be a part of our customers’ journey to greater success. With an ever-committed team to meeting customer needs and eye to quality, we are confident to achieve satisfaction.
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